Sept-2019 lost blog: notelings left on note-things

HELLO. Enter THE TIME-MACHINE, yet again. (i always was often-delayed with things on here but this time there was a bigger gap between writing on here because, Reasons… and now i want to catch up in an attempt to be able to use this spaceland again). I am now finding a few posts in the drafts-graveyard that I had forgotten existed and they are oddly resistant to forever being graveyard-drafts, they want to be ghost-blogyard ghost-blogs… so even though they are from days and days and days and days and more-more days ago, I’m going to post them anyway, starting with this one. this one is from SEPTEMBER! (LAST YEAR September: September 2019). What was I doing in September 2019? I was typing the below wordlings, apparently.

September notelings left on note-things…

top tip: it’s easier to go back to bed when you’re already in bed. kind of. just make sure you have loads of stuff on it so when you drag the duvet up it sits on top of you like a huggable pile like in where the wild things are when they all go to sleep.

but if you stay in bed too long then the leggings hanging up to dry on the wardrobe might turn into a freaky thing. and so will the towel on the shower-door, and the cat-pyjamas on the keyboard stand and the jacket on the chair and the hoody on the other chair and – wow, I really have utilised all the hanging space in this little room.

counting days… counting backwards, then forwards…
it doesn’t prove anything when you don’t know what number you’re counting towards
it doesn’t change anything
it doesn’t alter or reframe anything

and when breathing, just breathing becomes something you have to think about
when leaving becomes something you have to convince yourself not to think about
you don’t have to think or say or do. just, be still.
but how do you be still, when you’re still?

How do you rest and run at the same time?
It’s celebrating and screaming underwater;
swim-drowning, false-flowering

Return the solution to isolation

weetabix isn’t the answer here
i put things down and then i forget and then i see it moved and it’s like someone else has moved it because i didn’t notice the last bit happen and – I’m losing sense of what’s real. The grippable-real.

One thought on “Sept-2019 lost blog: notelings left on note-things

  1. I love the way you talk sometimes. Like, you’re yourself in a way I haven’t yet quite learned to be. It’s beautiful 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your old thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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