Yellow Shoes 💛

I would love these shoes! Someone find me these shoes (or tell these shoes to find me)

(The animations are from Pablo – ‘Pick Us, Pablo’, episode written by the wonderful Rosie King – you can watch it on CBeebies or iPlayer or Netflix

In the episode, Pablo can’t decide which shoes to wear as he doesn’t want the others to feel left out).

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have these shoes, because I don’t need these shoes…

…so instead, I sometimes pretend that I am wearing them and that I’ve taught them how to fly (which wasn’t easy as they were stubborn and found learning difficult)

and then they teach ME how to fly and we fly up hills and mountains and into space where there are moonhills and moonmountains and other planet hills and other planet mountains…

…and I’d have no idea where I’m going or why these shoes chose me to wear them, but I’d have made myself invisible so that I don’t accidentally absorb any of the attention that was actually supposed to be given to the shoes…

…and all the other shoes on planet Earth would be smiling whilst they observe the journey of these happy shoes in space…

…and then we’d zoom back down to Earth-ground and let a different pair of shoes have a turn and do it all again 🙂

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